We could all spend a little less time on our phones. Whether you’re worried about the effects of too much social media or you just need a break from the constant barrage of notifications, there are lots of good reasons to put your phone away a little more often.

However, just because something is a good idea doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Like it or not, most of us are way more attached to our phones than we care to admit. 

But if you’re serious about spending less time on your phone, there are some devices that can help you do that without feeling like you’re missing out entirely. These are some of our favorite gadgets for the tech-addicted person in your life.

1. Light Phone II

Lightphone II is an ultra-minimalist phone to break your app addiction.
Lightphone II is an ultra-minimalist phone to break your app addiction.

Image: lightphone

This might seem a little counterintuitive, but one solution to your smartphone problem might be to actually get a different type of phone. And, chances are, Light Phone II is unlike any phone you’ve used before. The device, which features a tiny e-ink display, is meant to be as minimalist as possible. It can make calls and send texts, and has some basic apps, like a calculator, but there’s no email, no social media — no color at all. In other words: a phone that’s meant to do as little as possible so you can take more of your time back.

Price: $350 (pre-order)

2. Palm Phone

The Palm phone is a tiny phone "companion."
The Palm phone is a tiny phone “companion.”

Image: zlata ivleva / mashable

If your smartphone is a drug, then think of the Palm Phone as a kind of medicine that can help wean you off of “the good stuff.” Similar to the idea of the Lightphone, Palm’s tiny phone is meant to be a secondary “companion” phone you break out when you’re trying to unplug. Yes, the phone can run most of the apps you use, but you probably won’t want to use them much on its tiny 3.3-inch screen. 

Price: $349

3. Phone Bed

Tuck your phone in when it's time for bed.
Tuck your phone in when it’s time for bed.

Image: amazon / thrive global

Okay, maybe you don’t need a whole new phone, just something to make it easier to put down the one you have (hey, we’re not judging). But getting a dedicated place to keep your phone each night might help you learn a bit of self control. Former Uber board member and current sleep evangelist Arianna Huffington swears by it. So much so that her company, Thrive Global, sells this cute little “Phone Bed Charging Station,” which can charge up to 10 gadgets each night after you safely “tuck” them in. (If you want a less elegant, but slightly more reliable method, you can also try this charging box which you can actually lock up at night.)

Price: $65

4. Casper Glow Light

The Casper Glow Light reduces blue light before bed time.
The Casper Glow Light reduces blue light before bed time.

Image: zlata ivleva  / mashable

Having trouble sleeping? Your gadgets might be to blame. That’s because the blue light emitted from most electronics can actually interfere with your sleep. The casper Glow Light creates a warm, well, glow to help you wind down before bed. It uses a neat gesture-based system to control it —no buttons or switches required —and can turn off automatically to nudge you into sleep. 

Price: $129 

5. Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard 

The "Levi's trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google."
The “Levi’s trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google.”

Image: levi’s

If you’re really serious about spending less time looking at your phone every day, then Google and Levi’s latest collab is an interesting option. The jacket pairs to an app on your phone, and you can use the left sleeve as a touchpad to control specific actions, like music playback, navigation, and even your camera. It won’t replace your phone, but it will give you a way to control some of the apps you use most frequently without having to actually look at a screen.

Price: $198

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

An instant camera could be just the thing for your Instagram addiction.
An instant camera could be just the thing for your Instagram addiction.

Image: amazon / fujimfilm

What better excuse to stop the endless Instagram scrolling then a good old-fashioned instant camera? Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 is small enough that you can take it out with you (and maybe put your phone away). The film can get pricey, but actual prints will help you appreciate your memories more and teach you the value of getting each shot just right. 

Price: $53.63



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